These “Guiding Principles” are intended to encourage fair and equitable hiring and decision making at COMTEX for all its employees, including those that were selected by COMTEX to transition from Mount Carmel and OhioHealth.


In further establishing its mission, and objectives, COMTEX is encouraged to look to the core values of Mount Carmel and OhioHealth which include the focus on “acceptance, compassion, empathy, excellence, integrity, respect, and stewardship” for all staff. In addition, as it moves forward to develop its vision, COMTEX is encouraged to address the “Cardinal Value” and “Cause Statement” of each of the two founding organizations that “Honor the Dignity and Worth of Each Individual” and “Honor Every Soul with Loving Service“.


Consistent with the core values is the acceptance and support for significant diversity.

This diversity may have implications for (1) the physical structure, and (2) the design of work schedules and personnel policies to respect the varied cultures, physical needs and religious beliefs of employees. Some employees do not use English as their first language. Signage and TTY service may be needed for deaf employees.


In addition to operating a first-class laundry facility, COMTEX’s standard of excellence includes: 1.) The development of competitive wage and benefit packages. 2.) Sufficient capacity for immediate needs as well as for the future. 3.) Contingency plans for maintenance and equipment failures. 4.) Relationships with employees, customers, vendors and neighbors. 5.) Building and grounds maintenance, cleanliness and safety. 6.) Opportunities for the hiring, development and advancement of current Mount Carmel and Ohio Health employees, as well as prospective and future COMTEX employees. 7.) A safe working environment.

COMTEX Organizational Chart

COMTEX Organizational Chart

Pounds of Laundry Per Day




Active Vendors


Employee Birth Nations

COMTEX Recycles!

Plastic 135 tons/year
Cardboard 30 tons/year

Pallets 6,000/year
Paper 1 ton/year

Linen 175 tons/year
Batteries 70 lbs/year

Cell Phones 140/year
Toners +24/year

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