The Healthcare Laundry Accreditation Council (HLAC), accredited laundries are part of the solution in healthcare’s effort to provide patients with the utmost in safe-care. COMTEX has been accredited more times than any other laundry facility in Ohio. Our processes are more accurate and accountable above industry standards.


The COMTEX wash process has an effective kill rate of bacteria and microorganisms of 99.99%.  We are one of the few healthcare laundries that can legally make this claim in accordance with FDA regulations. COMTEX strives to stay ahead of the industry standards to optimize our services for our members and customers.


Our Members and Customers steer their own laundry business when it comes to quality control. The Customer Committee decides upon the type of textiles that our community will use, as well as, sets the quality control standards for each linen item.

About Us

COMTEX is an Ohio not-for-profit Shared Services Corporation governed by its own Board of Directors and managed by an on-site Chief Executive Officer. COMTEX was established by the Mount Carmel and OhioHealth Systems to provide high quality, cost effective laundry and linen service functions for their respective organizations and others. In cooperation, and with the support of the City of Columbus, this bold joint venture brings two superior healthcare providers together to establish a state-of-the-art processing plant and service provider within the City limits of Columbus. In further establishing its mission, and objectives, COMTEX is encouraged to look to the core values of Mount Carmel and OhioHealth which include the focus on “acceptance, compassion, empathy, excellence, integrity, respect, and stewardship” for all staff.


One of our primary objectives at COMTEX Laundry is to ensure quality assurance, control, and standards are met and achieved through our advanced supply chain system involving the disinfection and control of laundry from surrounding health care facilities that are affiliated with Mount Carmel and OhioHealth.  Please feel free to tour our facility below.


COMTEX was among the first laundries in North America to become accredited from the Healthcare Laundry Accreditation Council (HLAC) that was developed to provide an independent review of facilities processing healthcare textiles.   HLAC provides an inspection that is complementary to the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) standards provided at hospitals and one that reviews the handling, processing and transporting of healthcare textiles in great detail.  The review is designed to ensure the health and safety of the laundry personnel as well as that of the healthcare facility customer and especially the patient.  In addition, it reviews the training of healthcare linen workers and looks for “standard industry practices” in systems, policies and procedures.  The benefit to the customer is the knowledge and confidence that their textile provider meets the highest standard for processing healthcare textiles and that their linen provider strictly adheres to federal, state and local regulations and guidelines.  Benefits of doing business with an HLAC accredited laundry includes the assurance that personnel are properly trained in the handling of product and that steps are in place to ensure that the processes, systems, policies and procedure are in place to guarantee consistency in quality and performance of The key benefit of an HLAC accredited Laundry is that the customer can expect the highest standard for textile processing and a consistent flow of clean product with the confidence that their linens were processed in a facility that is committed to safety for their employees and the end user – the patient.


COMTEX has partnered with ECOLAB, a leader in the research, development and delivery of superior laundry chemistry with a powerful combination of personnel experts in service and chemistry as well as the knowledge and experience in creating laundry solutions.  We have chosen this relationship in part because of the unique EPA-registered laundry disinfectant oxidizer that kills 99.999% of typical healthcare pathogens and outperforms chlorine and peroxide for disinfection, whiteness, as well as extending the life of linens overall.  Their products help prevent cross-contamination in the wash water, act as powerful stain removers and produce whiter whites while maintaining linen life.  In addition, the key products are effective at the 140 degree Fahrenheit level, thereby reducing energy costs.  ECOLAB provides a “Tunnel Doctor” on-site weekly to calibrate chemical delivery systems, perform wash water titration checks and re-establish chemical inventory levels when necessary.

The chemical delivery system used at COMTEX ensures proof of delivery record and equipment control to ensure that the right product is delivered to the exact location in the needed amounts for every load.  ECOLAB’s strength is in their dedicated on-site support, as well as the strength and depth of their team of scientist, engineers and industry specialists.  ECOLAB’s vast technical knowledge, experience and in-lab analysis provides the skills to solve the toughest challenges for COMTEX. ECOLAB currently supports over seventy (70%) percent of the tunnel washers in operation in North America and employ unique diagnostic tools and highly trained technicians to perform detailed diagnostics for quick and accurate resolutions. From cart and truck sanitization to the sanitization and disinfection of healthcare laundry ECOLAB is a key member in the COMTEX team to reduce the risk of healthcare acquired infections (HAI’s) and give our customers the reassurance that we are doing everything possible to protect them.


Richard Jett

Richard Jett

COMTEX Board Chairman | Mount Carmel
Heather Brandon

Heather Brandon

COMTEX Board Vice-Chair | OhioHealth

Scott McLaughlin | COMTEX Board Treasurer | Mount Carmel

Robert Boswell

Robert Boswell

COMTEX Board Secretary | OhioHealth
Myles Noel

Myles Noel

COMTEX | Chief Executive Officer

We are always interested in your questions, comments, or interest in becoming a customer or vendor.  Please feel free to contact us for further information.

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